This is a picture of Diana Singureanu, a qualified Romanian Translator, Romanian Interpreter and Romanian Conference Interpreter. Diana provides Romanian interpreting services  and Romanian translation services from Romanian to English and from English to Romanian, and graduated with Master Awards in Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies. She works with several Romanian Interpreters, Romanian Conference Interpreters, and Romanian Translators who provide Romanian Interpreting services, Romanian Conference Interpreting Services and Romanian Translating services. Picture with a Translation Banner underlining the Romanian Conference Interpreting Services, Romanian Interpreting services and Romanian Translation services provided by our Romanian Interpreters, Romanian Conference Interpreters and Romanian Translators. Picture of spectacles signifying proofreading and Romanian Translation Services provided by our Romanian Conference Interpreters, Romanian Interpreters and Romanian Translators. Diana also provides Romanian Interpreting Services.

We are an innovative translation and interpreting agency, specialising mainly in Conference Interpreting, Corporate and Business Interpreting while also further developing our translation sector of the business.

We proud ourselves to be forward thinking, innovative, customer focused constantly striving to provide high quality services.

We consider ourselves to be a digital marketing agency operating in the translation and interpreting arena. Our team is diverse, ranging from multi award winning business professionals, MBAs holders, experts in digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation wizards to experienced translators and interpreters. We perform a wide range of tasks in addition to project management and business development. Some of these tasks include website design specific for every language we offer, SEO, Pay per Click Campaigns and Re-marketing, mobile application development, social media automation to name just a few.



  • Website design, domain, hosting
  • Dedicated page to each candidate, potentially an entire website depending on the candidates’ experience and level of engagement
  • Search Engine Optimisation, technical SEO, on page and off page optimisation. We aim to bring every website on the first page of main search engines, ensuring maximum visibility for the interpreter.
  • Interpreter gets recognition for his/her contribution (blog articles) and is promoted on social media.
  • Project Management
  • Regular contact with interpreters to establish new ways of increasing their visibility and refining their marketing strategy, access to the latest digital marketing knowledge and technology via our team



  • Original website content in line with our guidelines for best practices: your profile content will be professional, detailed and informative.
  • Be open to any ideas and actions from the SEO team, designed to increase organic ranking and visibility of the website(s).
  • Professional behaviors: interpreters must adhere to the code of conduct of relevant interpreting bodies i.e. ITI, CIOL, APCI, NRPSI, AIIC.
  • Adhere to our terms and conditions, Interpreters must show integrity, reliability, collegiality and courtesy.
  • Meet deadlines i.e. response to any enquiry from the management team


Diana 2Conference Interpreting rates:

– £350 to 400 Full day, £250 to 350 Half day

– Travel day (175 Pounds), depending on assignment, accommodation and travel expenses to be reimbursed.

– Subsistence allowed around 20 pounds per day based on receipts.

Picture of peopel taking part in one of Diana Singureanu's Romanian Conference Interpreting project Business Interpreting rates:
-250 per full day
-175 half day
 Picture of an old book signifying the Romanian Court Interpreting Services Offered by Diana SingureanuCourt Interpreting rates:
– In line with National Rates

Step 1. Review of applicant profile.

Step 2. Invitation to join our team.

Step 3. Applicant Registers his/her profile using our online tool

Step 4. The profile of the candidate is added to our data base for future assignments, and the information received via the application tool is added to one of our promoted websites.