Picture of Kenny Dorothy, lecturer during a recent Translation Conference that Diana Singureanu (Romanian Translator, Romanian Conference Interpreter and Romanian Interpreter) attended to

When Good Enough is Bad for Us… And for the Translation Industry!

On Saturday the 17th of September 2016 I had the pleasure of attending the Threlford Memorial Lecture, where Professor Dorothy Kenny of Dublin City University gave an insightful talk on machine translation and why translation is at something of a crossroads at the moment. She started her lecture by dismissing the idea that nowadays translators […]

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How to future-proof Interpreting and Translating: Important trends uncovered at the recent Critical Link 8 Conference

The well-renowned Critical Link Conference was held this year in Edinburgh on the premises of Heriot Watt University. The weather was as one would expect from a Scottish summer but the atmosphere at the Conference certainly made up for that. Edinburgh is an amazing city but the real adventure started in the campus: we were even […]

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